Quality Policy

Our industry experience of more than three decades allows us to cater industry specific demands successfully. We have profound knowledge in the field of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Raw Material. The assurance of quality coupled up with our timeliness, cost effectiveness and business ethics has made us a name to rely upon in the global market.

With 30 years of experience along with efficient manpower, the company offers foreign suppliers excellent opportunities to expand their business horizons, by tapping into the phenomenal buying power of the Indian subcontinent. Our objective is to render high quality service to various categories of customers with professionalism and efficiency. We aim at sustainable growth through excellence.

Our Business Philosophy

We have always sought to be a value-driven organization and believe that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Unity, Responsibility and Understanding. Our goal is to be more than just successful. It is to be admired for the quality, service and management standards that implies. For years we have been able to win the confidence and trust of the clients. Our skilled and diligent team keeps in mind the following principles for maintaining the long lasting relationship with them. Some of the features of our services are:

Abiding by contracts
Maintaining credibility
Keeping unfailing delivery schedules
Providing quality services
Fair trading practices


Quality is a responsibility shared by employees at all levels of the organization, it is a team effort. Quality is therefore not limited to the technical productive aspect, but is a basic characteristic of the overall service furnished to the client. Our principle is to ensure that the qualitative norms of the clients are complied, both with regards to the conformity of specifications and terms & conditions of the consignment.

Our products are checked right from the stage of procurement of raw material to the final stages of despatch. The most important aspect of our business is quality. Our material goes through complete sorting, grading and cleaning procedures to ensure consistent high quality. In order to ensure delivery of quality products to the clients, we get the material inspected by Approved Independent Inspection Agencies. We are committed to being a supplier of quality products & services.


Recycling is one of the major cornerstones of the environmental work that is being undertaken globally today. Materials extracted from the earth are now being recycled over and over again thus saving both energy and the natural resources of the earth. This means that our entire business is a large and important environmental enterprise.

Metal products and machinery that have served their purpose are recycled and re-used to become new products and new machinery. As a private company we also conduct serious environmental work through the development and improvement of our own business operations. The goal is to use as little energy as possible and ensure that any negative impacts on earth, air and water are kept to a minimum.

Warehousing and Packaging

Being stockists, it is essential for us in maintaining a sound warehouse for the effective storage of Metal scrap. Our warehouse is well structured into various divisions for segregated storage of our entire range enabling effective inventory management & easy retrieval of the products thus assuring timely delivery of the products. Some of the most important distinctiveness of our unit includes:

Highly automated
Well connected to roads, stations and ports
Fire safety arrangements

We are well equipped with Cranes, Forklifts, Loaders, Trained Supervisors, Skilled & experienced manpower to carry out the below activities.

Grading, Separating of various materials like pipes & reusable materials.
Cutting of Aero Engines
Dismantling & cutting of Heat Exchangers
Manual segregation of scraps
Shredding & processing of scraps.

Effective packaging of materials is done to avoid damages during transportation. Quality packaging material like corrugated boxes, cartons, wooden boxes, steel drums, bags etc. are used. We have well qualified team of skilled workers, the goods are packed as per the needs of the customers & nature of the goods. This helps in easy handling of products at the time loading and unloading.

Our Strengths

Some of the features that have enabled us to emerge as a key player in the market are:

Competitive prices
Large warehouse
Efficient Logistics
Prompt delivery
Competitive pricing
Supply of quality products
Well laid infrastructure
Trusted vendor base
Fair policy and business ethics


We understand the requirements of our clients coming from various industries and offer metal scraps, molybdenum scrap, nichrome scrap, nickel scrap, special purpose steel scraps, maraging steel scraps, kovar scraps etc., that are as per the industry specific requirements. Thus, cater our range to units engaged in:

Metallurgical Processes
Heavy Industries
Casting & Forging units
Melting Furnaces